The Creator’s Amazing Invention

laitman_423_02Torah, Deuteronomy 21:10: If you go out to war against your enemies, and the Lord, your God, will deliver him into your hands, and you take his captives… .

The Torah describes laws that everyone who works toward being like the Creator and is in a state of constant battle within him or herself should know.

A person represents the entire world. To the degree we reveal reality, we begin to realize that all that is seen outside of us is really a reflection of what exists within us. And that is why all people, the inanimate, vegetative, and animal worlds, the entire universe, exist within me; they do not exist outside of me.

In referring to the Torah, we say that a person must behave in a certain way toward animals or plants, meaning the animal or vegetative levels of egoism within a person. The same applies to the inanimate and human levels.

“Men,” “women,” “virgins,” and everything else described in the Torah are our desires. When we work with them, this is how we define, sort, and bring them to the appropriate order of correction. The desires stay, we only change the method of their realization.

Those desires that were initially directed toward egoism and self-indulgence, we rework in order for them to serve others. Here a question arises: “What others if everything exists in me?”

This is the trick: actually, everything exists in me, but given this, when I see everything as being outside of me, it helps me to change my relationship from being directed inward to being directed outward; that is, I change only my internal vector.

In reality, I am not going out of myself; rather, I begin to accept all that exists outside of me as existing within me, as my personal qualities. Therefore, I begin to experience that I include the entire world within me. This is the state of “a person is a small world,” which Kabbalah speaks of.

Then, inside this world that has now become mine, I begin to exist, experience, and understand all things. This world is not egoistic. But it is inside of me because I changed my vector by not using everything for my personal “I,” but for those who appear as others outside of me.

In this way, I correct my egoism (desire to receive) to the desire to bestow. And this desire is inside of me and cannot be attributed to another; only its vector is corrected. This is how I begin to sense the Creator, the upper force, filling me.

That is why I don’t need to run from anything. I become a system that is called soul or Adam – Man. Does anyone else exist besides me? No one. I alone, and the Creator within me.

It is almost as if I begin to “swallow” the entire world, strangers become part of me. This is what is called “love your neighbor as yourself.”

How can he be my neighbor? He is part of me! But in this moment, he appears to me as being distant; that is why I attempt to bring him closer, until I become one with him.

Along the way, there is a constant battle. It is impossible to consistently imagine that everything that exists outside of me, including outer space, is all in me, and I am just looking inside myself, watching the “film projector and a screen” that constantly spins in front of me that which I see as outside of me.
This is the Creator’s amazing innovation that exists within a person.

If each of us would only see all this just from their own perspective, but we see animals and fish,, we even see other people who have similar experiences. This means that I consist of multiple egoistic desires, each of which exists as I do.

In what way then does my desire, my “I” that I am now trying to figure out and altruistically transform, differ from the desire that is appearing to me right now as the person next me? And he sees the world just like I do, and we understand each other and are able to speak with each other.

What is this desire next to me? For instance, across from me sits a friend, affirming, “Yes, I see it like that also.” What then? Am I in him and he in me? It means that in me is some friend who exists absolutely independently, decides independently, and corrects himself independently.

In order to understand this, we need to unite. But, aside from uniting, each of us also continues to remain in their individual egoistic desires and intentions.

It turns out that each of us, like a pomegranate, consists of many of seeds. And this entire totality creates the sense of the whole world being like a beehive in which, on the one hand, there is a division into a tremendous number of honeycombs, and on the other hand, their unity gives us the sensation of the Creator. We are not able to experience this quality within ourselves in any other way.

Each is an individual, and each experiences the world within him or herself. The assembly of all individuals, when they do not merge, but only unite above themselves, creates a level, which, on the one hand, consists of 600,000 parts, and on the other hand, is as if a single unit. That is, below it is 600,000 parts, and above is unity, in which the upper force is revealed.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/10/16

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