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The #media doesn’t release objective info, but bloggers release true info quickly. By exposing their bias, the media is destroying itself.

#Zohar leAm, volume 12, p. 184, para 674: “The harlot advances the prince”–meaning our advancement under pressure from those who hate us.

Efforts to reveal the Creator in a united group lead to accepting Arvut, opposing the Ego (Mt Sinai), ascending it & receiving #Torah (OM).

“I have no strength to reveal the Creator! So I don’t want others to reveal Him. That’s why I hate Bnei Baruch!” (an email I received) #God

If Kabbalah is mysticism, it must be prohibited. But if it’s a means of correcting mankind and #society, it must be revealed to the world.

When I became a Kabbalist, I suddenly felt like a Jew among anti-Semites. Just like the nations hate Jews, so do #Jews hate Kabbalah.

If we turn to the Creator, it’s #faith, religion, since Creator is concealed. If it’s through friends, it’s Creator’s revelation, Kabbalah.

Want to control the world with your thoughts? Give it love until you discover that you’re controlling it! #positivethinking

If one turns to Creator, it’s religion. If one turns to Creator through the group, it’s Kabbalah. From #love of others to love of Creator.

1. World is as we see it. 2. If we observe, world is different. 3. World doesn’t exist, but is perceived in our #consciousness (qualities).

If you’re in a descent, start thinking of the group as if they’re worse off and need you–that’s the optimal way out of a descent. #quote

Efforts to reveal the Creator in a united group lead to accepting mutual guarantee, transcending the ego and receiving #Torah (Light).

Only #Kabbalah can calibrate humans to be like the Creator–using a screwdriver (the light) to adjust mans’ parameters (his desires).

Any society today crumbles. Israeli society as the most egoistic crumbles fastest. The solution is in mutual guarantee (Arvut). #Israel

The #GrenfellTowerFire Tower Fire: How A Tragic Accident Became A Blood Libel @JPostOpinion

From Twitter, 6/29/17

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