My Thoughts On Twitter, 5/10/17


We have to wake up to a new dream #AmericanDream


#Politicalcorrectness is evil! It impedes clear thinking, complicates clear issues, ppl don’t dare assign clear definitions. It suffocates!

Machines can do everything—except connect with the Creator. This is how humans and #machines will soon divide up their responsibilities.

#Germany (Steinmeier) abandons Israel, calls for two-state solution. Jews, the time for showing your usefulness to the world is running out!

The crisis of developed countries is of man’s nature, and the solution is in rising above the ego. #Liberals /democrats won’t help change!

The Fire of Hatred, the Fire of Love @haaretzcom #LagBaomer


My @JPostOpinion on #LagBaomer: The Israeli Campfire


From Twitter, 5/10/17

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