My Thoughts On Twitter, 5/9/17


Independence Means Independence From Mutual Hatred @haaretzcom #independenceday #israel


#May9 is the Day of Great Victory over the most wicked forces in the history of humanity. #VictoryDay #ImmortalRegiment

Repealing #Obamacare is a first in American history of healthcare. But to heal the system isn’t to heal people, but the cause—the ego.

The true #VictoryDay will come when the ego is vanquished, and not temporarily depressed. Though even that is a Great Victory!

#Social networks show that ppl want to connect, but don’t know how. Connection must be taught as top priority by a new education system.

The Creator actualizes the plan for human correction. Through Le Pen & Macron, the amount of time and suffering for correction is determined

Right and left combined forces to help elect #Macron. But to govern, one must rise above differences, which is only possible by Kabbalah.

All of the world’s societies are divided right down the middle, and only #KABBALAH can help merge opposites in harmony. Choose Kabbalah!

The world’s task is to achieve unity lest the growing ego destroys us. Forget presidents, let’s choose the method of #connection – Kabbalah

#UNESCO passed a resolution rejecting connection btwn Israel & Jerusalem. More to come unless Israel shows the path to reveal the Creator
From Twitter, 5/9/17

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