Manage Your “Donkey”

Laitman_514_02Question: It often happens that a person seems to be properly educated, but his inner self still prevails. Are we born with something that cannot be influenced?

Answer: We should educate a person so that he correctly interact with his inner evil.

We shouldn’t teach him anything but how to manage the evil side—to sit on his “donkey” (egoism), as a rider sits astride a horse and controls it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/8/17

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  1. In Germany we have an old saying : Man kann den Menschen nur vor den Kopf gucken. Means you can only see on mans head and face, you do not know what is behind his mask. When i watch David Rene Rothschild and Sir Evelyn into their faces, i feel to see evil in their faces. When i see Pictures of Guy de Rothschild, i find this man sympathic. But man can err.

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