I Do Not Want To Be A Slave!

laitman_560Question: What is the difference between conscious spiritual work and unconscious spiritual work?

Answer: Unconscious spiritual work is summed up by the fact that all of us automatically carry out the instructions of nature, the work of the Creator. Working consciously means to begin to participate independently, wisely, with understanding, through planning in advance; and then our eyes will open and we will see where we are truly found.

In what way is the intelligence of a little child different from the intelligence of an adult? An adult understands where he is and what he is doing while a little child does not. The same thing happens even in the spiritual world. We still don’t understand or see the spiritual world because we cannot exist within it correctly. When we begin to acquire its characteristics, to the degree that we become equal to its characteristics, we begin to discover it among us.

Question: What does it mean that all of us are working for the Creator? If we are already carrying out the laws of nature, so where is the problem?

Answer: We carry out the laws of nature automatically, against our will. The problem is that you must consciously take upon yourself all of the functions of the Creator and fill His place. When we are in His place, meaning that we adhere to Him and fully attain His relationship with creation, to that degree we become like Him. This is the goal of development that has been placed before us.

Question: Does this mean that I am a slave of the Creator against my will?

Answer: Certainly. You are now like a guest sitting in front of the host and swallowing everything that the host gives him. So you must get up and say: “Stop! I am not interested in carrying out your instructions, except on condition that I will carry them all out independently, with the understanding that I am doing this to bestow to you both pleasure and goodness; I no longer want to be a slave but a conscious human being; I want to be like you!”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/18/16

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