A Sense Of Humor In Men And Women

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Who has a more developed sense of humor, men or women?

Answer: Men do because men consist of two parts, male and female. Whereas women consist only of the female part. Women’s imagination  is directed towards corporeality, while men’s goes beyond it.

Therefore, men are great dreamers, romantics, writers, good chefs, chess players, and so on. How many women work in high tech, where new discoveries and inventions are being made? Not many. Mostly these are men. But women prevail in other things. And we must accept this division with respect because one cannot exist without the other. So take care of both women and men.
From KabTV’s lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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  1. What?? While it may be true that fewer women than men are involved in high tech, the analysis of why this is so is certainly more complex than this trite article…and
    ” sense of humor, dreamers, romantics, a primarily male trait.”.. etc… ridiculous…truly. Plus, whoever, is writing these articles needs to keep the story straight. Sometimes the “bodies” have nothing to do with the attributes of bestowal and reception, which, according to all of you, are the Only Things existing in the universe.,,,,..correct? and then…flip!! women consist of only the female part while men have both? Why have women at all? The men can correct themselves. The universal truth that this study supposedly represents cannot be so limited….and if it is well then the universal truth is flawed. You can do better than this I hope. Otherwise the females need to look elsewhere.

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