What Should We Hope For?

laitman_938_04Question: You said that you are only an expert in teaching the wisdom of Kabbalah and that you have not attained the complete end of correction. So, what should we, who are merely beginners, hope for?

Answer: No one has actually reached the complete end of correction. It is a very high level, but everyone must attain it.

Rabi Shimon’s group and Baal HaSulam reached a relative complete end of correction. It is impossible to reach the complete end of correction unless all of the people, or more accurately, all of the souls, are corrected. It is because we are living in a system that is mutually connected.

I tell you frankly that I am on an intermediate level, but it is certainly enough in order to teach you. If I were on a higher level, I wouldn’t be able to do so.

Baal HaSulam says in his article “Baal HaSulam’s Prophecy” that he especially asked to be lowered from the high level he was on so that he would be able to express and convey the method of Kabbalah.

Sometimes, the levels of the teacher and the student in the wisdom of Kabbalah are disconnected, and it is not always possible to overcome that. Would a professor in an art academy teach a five-year-old to play the violin? No, since this is what teachers in music schools do. When the child grows, he will learn from more professional teachers until he reaches a master, an expert.

We will continue our motion forward together, and our common teacher will be the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/7/16

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