What Is The Taste Of Spiritual Pleasure?

laitman_572_02Question: What is the taste of spiritual pleasure?

Answer: The taste of the spiritual pleasure is, first of all, rising above your nature, when you do not feel yourself limited by the boundaries within which you exist.

We live as if in an iron cage, rushing about and bumping against its corners and edges. But when we exit it, we begin to feel our existence in the Creator—an unlimited mutual adhesion. He is inside us, and we are inside Him.

Our world has specific boundaries: right, left, inside, and outside. But there are no edges in the spiritual senses and that is why they are inexpressible. First and foremost, it is the taste of freedom.

Question: But why are we speaking about so much about unity and integration?

Answer: Because it is the means to attain the quality of bestowal, infinity, and freedom when you can exit yourself.

Question: Does a Kabbalist feel the taste of earthly food, cold, and heat?

Answer: A Kabbalist feels much more than others.

There were times when my wife cooked food for my teacher Rabash, and he wrote notes to her about exactly what to add to the food, which spices.

Question: Have all the tastes of spirituality been previously recorded?

Answer: Of course. Tastes are the spreading of the Upper Light into our desires.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/20/16

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