What Does A Kabbalist Rely On?

laitman_234Question: What does a Kabbalist rely on if he cannot trust his mind and his feelings?

Answer: A Kabbalist relies only on the method through which he can invoke and summon the Upper Light.

There are billions of people around us who rely on their minds and their feelings, and what use is it to them? It is time to stop behaving like blind kittens and to begin thinking clearly.

A person should in no way count on and trust himself. After all, a person doesn’t know what is happening inside him now and, all the more so, what is good for him. We can see what has happened throughout human history. We don’t even know how to live.

We are all the outcome of the effect of the system of the upper forces on us. It is basically one force, but it is as if it operates and affects us through many forces. We must understand that our work is to draw the upper force to us and begin using it intensively in order to develop spiritually.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/21/16

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