The Mixing Of The Nations

laitman_747_01A person is created as an absolute egoist and his task is to acquire a quality of bestowal and love that is opposite to egoism. This is what the Torah is for, as it is written, “I created egoism and gave the Torah for its correction.”

Since the light of the Torah corrects and returns to the correct state, we should use it as an instrument to achieve equivalence with the Creator.

Here the problem arises: does a person use the Torah for its intended purpose? Unfortunately, we see that its true purpose is absolutely forgotten.

The correct attitude to the Torah didn’t exist for long, only when the people travelled through the desert and performed correction up to the level of mutual bestowal. Then began their correction on the level of mutual reception in order to bestow, which is symbolized by the entrance to the land of Israel.

This is when they built the First Temple—the state of the full mutual completion. The system of integral connection was utilized, which means to be as one man with one heart. In it, they revealed the Creator in all His glory.

However, as soon as they reached the correct highest state between themselves, they immediately began to fall because the next level of egoism rose within them, which no longer depended on them. This egoism was in the nations of the world and outside the circle created between the Jews called the Temple.

They didn’t have the strength to resist, correct, join, and absorb it in the connection between them. After all, it belonged to those nations of the world who didn’t leave Babylon with them, didn’t go through the path of suffering in the Egyptian exile, and didn’t do the correction that people of Israel performed during 40 years of crossing the desert.

The Jews were not ready to pass the method to the nations of the world and absorb their egoism within themselves because there was no interface and no mutual inclusion of the different desires into each other. Thus, the people of Israel began to fall from the high level of mutual love in order to prepare the correction of the nations of the world.

It turns out that this almost completely corrected part of humanity had to be broken, just as the system called “Adam” was broken in its time, to dissolve in the nations of the world.

So the mutual mixing and absorption of different qualities occurred. Part of the qualities (the egoism of the nations of the world) entered the corrected qualities of the people of Israel, and Israel’s qualities of bestowal and love fell into the egoistic qualities of the nations of the world.

Naturally, nothing good came out of it, except of the mutual mixing. Therefore, it is written that the people of Israel left the exile only to attach to themselves the souls of all the rest of the people, all of Babylon who had scattered around the world and covered the surface of Earth.

This became the cause of destruction of the First Temple, which symbolized love. Then the destruction had to continue according to the same system as in the world of Nikkudim, in the system of Adam and in the destruction of the Second Temple.

After the destruction of the First Temple, there was no love left between the people, but the vestiges of the quality of bestowal remained and they were expressed in the mutual agreement and laws of the correct community. However, after destruction of the Second Temple, they also disappeared.

As it is written, “The people of Israel fell from the level of love to the level of unfounded hatred.” At the same time, they became completely identical to the nations of the world and even worse than them because the nations of the world didn’t have the rise and fall, where all the previous rises inversely transform into corresponding falls: the higher the ascent, the lower the fall.

Therefore, after the final collapse of the Second Temple, the people of Israel found themselves in a spiritual state most remote from the Creator. From this state, they must begin the path of elevation.

Thus, the first move was directed to the completion of mutual penetration, the diffusion of the qualities of the nations of the world with the qualities of the people of Israel and vice versa, so that no difference would remain between them.

This condition, on the one hand, was achieved through the creation of religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) with the help of various wars, raids, massacres, and expulsions from country to country, and on the other hand, by creation of science and culture, the discovery of continents, the great assimilation and so on by Jews.

All this was in order for the final dissolution to happen and for the various qualities to enter each other. Moreover, it is not about physical qualities and material contacts between people since the Jews always lived in isolation, but about the internal, spiritual interpenetration of the qualities. Perhaps, it was expressed externally through various physical actions that are completely incompatible with the spiritual ones.

The final diffusion of the qualities of the people of Israel with the nations of the world ended approximately in the 16th century when the great Kabbalist the Ari described the method of correction of the world and the system of the correct condition of the universe. Therefore, he is considered Mashiach (Messiah) Ben-Yosef among the Kabbalists, which is the predecessor of Mashiach Ben-David (Messiah)
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/14/16

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