My Thoughts On Twitter, 3/8/17


Is there anything left to hide in this era of zero privacy? WIKILEAKS


Esther called for the unity of the Jews International Womens Day


Purim : Haman said the Jews can be destroyed because they’re separated. Hostility among American Jews may lead to that result.

First people will realize that unity can alleviate suffering & antisemitism. Then— that only Kabbalah (Bnei Baruch) can help achieve it.

The nation of Israel originates in a unity of all 70 nations of Babylon, and thus it can set an example of unity for the world

The unemployed in the US don’t need new jobs. They need to study unity in universal education platforms based on the method of Kabbalah.

Bringing manufacturing back to the US means everyone loses: Robots will replace US workers & the third world will become impoverished

Lowliness of Kabbalah opponents: being unable to prove Kabbalah teachings as wrong, they miserably try to slander its students.

Capitalism is the last form of our egoistic development. What’s next?


We can still prevent a catastrophe of horrific magnitude from happening to US Jewry politics


Jews don’t realize: Antisemitism depends only on their efforts towards world unity – the corrected, future state. It is pushing them!

Messiah’s war: when people realize the need to correct their ego, universal hatred will arise towards the method of correction – Kabbalah.

Humanity’s history is determined by the Jews, or more precisely by the relationship between Kabbalists and their opponents.

Purim : It says “Mordechai the Jew” -Yehudi – since he, like Abraham, connected people with each other & with the Creator (Midrash Rabbah)
From Twitter, 3/8/17

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