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World’s left- and right-wing want to eradicate each other, but the only solution is unifying in the middle line via the method of Kabbalah.

Existence of Jews for 3,500 years, assembled from Babylonian nations, proves Kabbalah can unite all of the world’s nations into one people!

EU can achieve integration by turning Euro nations into one people. Abraham did it 3,500 years ago with Kabbalah. And they’re still around!

Incredible and shocking: if the political right in the US considers the left WRONG, mistaken, the left considers the right BAD, inferior.

It becomes increasingly clear that Kabbalah is precisely “Avodat Hashem“—man’s spiritual work to reveal the Creator in this life.

EU leadership must understand: you cannot save the EU without teaching Europeans unity. And Kabbalah is the only method of unity.

Why are left-wing Jews hated in left-wing colleges as if they’re right-wing? Anti-Semitism doesn’t care about politics, it hates ALL Jews!

American Jews! Take note, as soon as you split into camps around Trump and started hating each other, Anti-Semitism erupted all around.

First consequences of growing Anti-Semitism: European and US Jews are losing their pridefulness, becoming less arrogant and more humane…

The EGO is society’s sickness, always growing and forcing separation of parents, children, nations. Kabbalah & Purim explain how to unite.

UN: Hunger in Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan (20 mln people), worst since UN’s founding in 1945. Is the UN justifying its founding?

Purim story: a group called Jews arose from 70 nations of Babylon. But if they start separating, Haman (Anti-Semitism) comes to unite them.

Purim shows us how disunity among Jews begets anti-Semites, and how unifying saves them. The only method of unity is Kabbalah!

The Story Of Purim Can Help Us Navigate Today’s Political Reality @HuffPostUK


From Twitter, 3/13/17

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