My Thoughts On Twitter, 3/10/17


“The most egoistic actions beget the nations Ammon and Moab, from which arise the Kingdom of Judea and King Moshiach.” The Zohar, Vaera.

It’s remarkable how nature’s perfect governance gets warped by our egoistic behavior and yields the opposite, horrible result! EGOIST

Kabbalah explains the system of creation, the world’s program of development and governing forces. The goal (& our destiny) is perfection.

Anti-Semites (Haman) are the Creator’s messengers (angels) — they force the Jews to unite, correct the world and raise it to the Creator.

“Only a global government can save humanity.” Stephen Hawking. Correct! Because it must be united by definition.

Young American Jews! Anti-Semites won’t let you live in peace until you unite above your differences and eradicate its root. @CAMERAonCAMPUS


Michael Laitman: A Farewell to US Politics
From Twitter, 3/10/17

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