Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 8/21/16, Part 1

laitman_570Question: How does a Kabbalist overcome negative emotions?

Answer: A Kabbalist brings negative emotions to the Creator because the Creator arouses them so that he will connect with Him above the negative emotions.

Question: Which feelings must a person cultivate within himself?

Answer: These are mainly the feeling that “There is none else beside Him” and that everything that the Creator does is absolutely good. In this world, at this time, we need to discover that the Creator is the only force that is filled with good.

Question: What does “feeling the Creator” mean? What is this like?

Answer: Feeling the Creator is like a feeling of a huge, all-encompassing single immense force that completely controls the whole world and you. And you are in this; you see this! This is the most wonderful feeling that a person can experience. We must reach this feeling and be immersed within it all the time.

Question: In a group composed of ten people, how can we feel that we are attracting the Light?

Answer: You must feel it in yourself.

Question: What does the expression, “upbringing of the senses” mean in spirituality?

Answer: None of the methods in our world have anything to do with emotional education. This is a process that happens when I awaken and summon particular portions of the Upper Light and then feel how much I and my emotions have been changed under their influence.

Question: Must there be a balance between the mind and the senses?

Answer: Without a doubt, between the mind and the senses there must be a middle line, and both of them must be constantly balanced.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/21/16

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