A Woman Who Supports Her Husband Will Achieve Spirituality

Laitman_631_3Question: In history, were there cases in which the man was engaged with the wisdom of Kabbalah and his wife sat at home with the children, but by supporting him she also reached spiritual attainment?

Answer: We have examples like this. Two thousand years ago, the wife of Rabbi Akiva, who helped him in everything, reached the greatest heights of attainment.

Question: Could there be a situation today where a woman who supports her husband reaches spirituality without opening a book even once?

Answer: If a woman supports her husband in everything, devoting herself with all her desire, the husband can even be lazy, but if she pushes him forward, obligates and helps, she can attain more than he. Everything depends on the yearning of the person. Moreover, a woman’s desire is more demanding and serious.

I cannot say what is preferable in our world, being a man or a woman, everything depends on luck. If a woman has a serious and proper yearning for the goal, then it could be that her realization as a physical woman and as a spiritual man will be more successful.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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