Why Does A Man Need To Have Faith?

Laitman_522_03Question: Why does a person, unlike animals, since time immemorial need to believe in something?

Answer: Uncertainty about the next day worries man. In animals this question doesn’t arise because they have no concern about what will happen in the future. A beast obeys its instincts. Man does not have this instinct, but he has many worries, fears, and doubts about the future.

This uncertainty causes a person to need to believe in something big, so that he can at least hope for its mercy, its compassion, and its good treatment. Because a person cannot control his future, he thinks that if there is someone who can, he should be in good relations with him. This is the reason that the question about the forces of nature came up, which eventually lead to the emergence of religions.

Religion arose at the dawn of humanity. We may say that the need for faith emerged the moment the monkey evolved into man, since at that point he began to question his future. Man began to ask himself what tomorrow will bring and he sought to explain everything that happened to him.

Man is distinguished from animals in this anxiety about the future: What will happen with my life, what is its purpose? Although this question comes up subconsciously and is not formatted, this is actually what distinguishes man from a beast. Man needs faith whereas a beast has no need for it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/25/16

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