“The World Economy Is On The Verge Of Collapse”

laitman_222In the News (Free Press): “The world economy has entered a phase of development when all lose. This is what renowned investor Bill Gross, who until 2014 headed one of the largest bond funds PIMCO and now heads Janus Capital, published in his “Monthly Investment Outlook.” According to the financier, the deadlock situation is clearly visible if we analyze the pace of credit growth in the world.

“Gross notes that the average annual credit growth was above 9% until 2000, today it is less than 4%. ‘Credit is the fuel oil heating the system, and if the system is unable to generate sufficient credit growth, real economic growth stalls or even goes in the opposite direction,’ – says Bill Gross.

“To illustrate, the financier gave the example of the board game “Monopoly.” When all the properties are bought up and all the objects built on them, the players just have to walk around to complete ruin….

“If translating Gross’ postulates into the language of classic Marxism, we have now entered the stage when the production relations come into conflict with the productive forces. And accordingly, the inevitable collapse of the current economic model will transition to the new.

“According to professor Valentina Katasonova of Moscow State Institute of International Finance, the current crisis can end very badly for the inhabitants of the earth:
– Today, the demand for money in general is falling in the world, there is overproduction. It is issued as an unlimited and uncontrolled operation of printing machines for the so-called ‘quantitative easing.’ When there is an overproduction of goods, prices fall, and when there is an overproduction of money, interest rates fall. Today, many banks around the world have negative interest rates on deposits, and some central banks have negative interest rates on bank operations. Recently the sensation thundered in Denmark and Belgium, where some commercial banks issued mortgage loans at negative interest rates. In general, there is a theater of the absurd. …

“The main thing is that no one has any idea how to get out of the dangerous situation. At the Federal Reserve the choice is between bad and very bad. …

“The current model of the world economy leads to unemployment and mass starvation. …

“Seriously, the problem of the current owners of the money – is to drastically reduce the population of the planet. It is not necessary to conduct a war, people can be poisoned with harmful products, impairing them. The remaining people will tire out in an “electronic concentration camp.”

My Comment: Against our will, nature is moving us toward the next level of development. We are still clinging to the old, as people who have matured physically but haven’t developed mentally. Money is the equivalent of labor and relations, all the property that there is in society, but it can only be the wealth that exists in nature, gold.

It is necessary to return to a gold standard until we completely eliminate the banknotes and begin to produce only what is necessary for everyone and with equal distribution.

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