The Sorrow Of The Kabbalist

laitman_293Question: A Kabbalist who understands that everything comes from the Creator relates all of life’s problems and troubles to Him. But does he feel fear or sorrow at the same time?

Answer: A billion times more than an average person. But he knows where it comes from and for what. It is exactly in order to treat it properly.

I see a picture of my teacher Rabash‘s wife’s death in front of my eyes. They lived together for 65 years and they loved each other very much, even in old age.

I remember when their grandson called me and said that his grandmother passed away and asked me to stay with his grandfather. I came immediately. Rabash was lying on his bed, curled into a ball, facing the wall, and not responding to anyone.

Although he knew in advance about the outcome, as his wife was paralyzed for the last few years, but I felt that he was going through a very strong shock, a blow that he must take upon himself. Not on the human level, but with completely different ideas and goals. I could feel his tension, calculations for further correction, and the fate.

Question: So the blows still exist?

Answer: I described the external picture. And what is inside this picture… God forbid that we will ever realize what such a person goes through in such a state.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/2/16

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