New Life #736 – The Origin Of Our Suffering

New Life #736 – The Origin Of Our Suffering
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


The wisdom of Kabbalah is based upon the fundamentals of creation. The Light created the desire to receive, which suffers when it is empty. The source of suffering in our lives is lack of fulfillment, whereas Kabbalah is a method for fulfillment of our desires.

The role of suffering is to advance us, without it we would not be able to do or feel anything. A person who stops suffering, stops feeling that he is missing something, becomes indifferent, withers, and finally dies. Suffering develops us.

Our origin is in the shattered collective soul. A different kind of fracture is constantly being discovered. The correct response to suffering is understanding its purpose. We don’t know why we are living. The greatest suffering is when a person feels that he is not the “master” over his own life.

Today many people use tranquilizers and drugs, but in fact, all fulfillment of desire is a type of drug because the relaxation of the suffering that appears as a result of the lack of fulfillment, prevents the person from developing further. We are destined to receive complete and eternal fulfillment, filling of the Upper Light, and suffering is designed to move us forward toward it. The correct use of suffering brings pleasure. For the same reason, we want to have an appetite for food, a desire for sex, and so forth.
From KabTV’s “New Life #736 – The Origin Of Our Suffering,” 6/23/16

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