Let’s Bring Good To The World!

laitman_626Question: What is hindering the people of Israel and all the Jews in the world from uniting? Why don’t other peoples have this problem?

Answer: The other peoples have the same problem and even more so! But they aren’t founded on the idea of consolidation, like we are. We possess the method of unity! Therefore, the nations of the world are pushing us to begin to use it.

Question: So why doesn’t anything succeed?

Answer: It is because our people don’t know and don’t want to know that they have this method, the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is specifically this that talks about how it is necessary to unite and how to show this to the rest of the peoples.

But no one wants to listen. Check yourself: how important it is to you, what will you do, and when will you think about it next? It turns out that we, the Jews, prevent ourselves! Anti-Semites are right when they accuse us of being a problem for the whole world, because only we have the uniting technique called “Kabbalah.” But we do not want to use it and lead the world to the good bright future!

It is not important to the anti-Semites how many achievements we have brought to the world, how many Nobel Prizes we have, and that we want to be good to them. The world requires something else. The one thing that it wants from us is that we transform it into a better world with happy people!

This is possible to attain only through consolidation. Give humanity an example of unity. This is the only thing missing in our fragmented and miserable world. Show that people can live together happily in unity and connection between them and that the method is in our hands! It is called the wisdom of Kabbalah and we have to use it. We haven’t used it for 2,000 years, and now the time has arrived to begin using it and bringing the world to happiness.

Question: Would there be peace in the whole world if we were happily and joyfully singing and dancing in circles in Israel?

Answer: If this method could be summed up by our singing and dancing in circles, everything would be simple. But it is much more complicated, it is universal and profound. It is unique in that it reveals how to reach the higher management. This is a very wise, serious and internal global method. It is possible to read what scientists, thinkers, and philosophers have written about the wisdom of Kabbalah and to understand what it is. This is the only asset of our world.

Question: If the process of unifying were to begin in Israel, would the world around us then change?

Answer: Absolutely! Both the Arabs and the anti-Semites would become our friends. Nobody, except the Jews has freedom of choice. What do the anti-Semites seem to say? “You hold the key to our happiness! You are the reason for all the evil in the world!” So we can become the reason for all the good.

Let’s do this! There is no reason to sit and cry about this, drawing a bitter future upon us again. We must wake up and approach this question seriously. Really great powers are in our hands. We can make ourselves and the entire world happy!
From the Webinar 5/8/16

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