Iraqis Are Selling Their Kidneys

laitman_222Comment: Citizens of Iraq are selling their kidneys in return for thousands of dollars because they are so impoverished. The country is gradually becoming the biggest center in the Middle East for the illegal trafficking of organs. The world is losing its humanity.

Answer: Is the world able to maintain humanity in the face of developing egoism? The world is losing more and more of it to the same extent that egoism is growing in us.

Question: How is it possible to escape from this?

Answer: There is no way. On the contrary, you are sinking deeper and deeper within the ego, but since you don’t want to suffer, you try to pay less attention to what is happening. People will produce different pills, films, drugs, and will establish sports competitions, etc., just to relax and not feel the problems. It is a natural human form that runs in its natural nature called egoism.

Sooner or later man will come to the point when he will discover that it’s no longer possible to continue in this way since the next object that they can break into parts and sell will be himself and his family, although towards his family he would already be indifferent. We already see some distance that exists between parents and children, and about the distance between couples there is nothing new to say. Thus, all of this is natural, when the main thing is the worry for my beloved self. We are in a certain plan of nature, in a matrix, that works on us and consistently leads us to the need to recognize the evilness of our nature, which claims that the most important thing is myself and no one else, and wants to get rid of the others. .

When I feel that I am completely dependent on those surrounding me, then I will begin to erase the difference between us. If they begin to relate to me in a good way, then it will be good for me and for them, and if they relate to me badly, then I will feel badly.

Only through feeling badly will I reach that state and begin to think of how, in any case, to correct the world that I am dependent on each moment of my existence. In this way I reach the need to worry about others. Thus, the negative relations between people are unavoidable. Through them we will feel the need for mutual connection and then we will begin to correct the world according, if necessary, like after a war when people are all engaged in building something together that is shared and essential for existence.

When we recognize this out of necessity, we will gradually feel that in the connection between us there lies hidden a great state of unity that reveals a completely new world and new sensations to us.

This is the way to happiness, although it is a long way. By studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, you begin to understand that everything should be quick, nice, and good. There is no need to wait for terrible crashes and ugly situations. We need to be do this now and start to implement it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/21/16

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