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laitman_568_01Question: From a spiritual point of view, Passover is a separation from the evil ruling in me, from my selfish motives in relation to others. Many homes have a special cabinet, which holds a separate set of dishes for Passover. What does this custom to change all the dishes for Passover symbolize?

Answer: In fact, a special set of dishes for Passover is a modern trend. Previously, before Passover people just made new dishes—from clay, wood, or animal skin.

New dishes symbolize new vessels, i.e., our desires, which we previously used for our own sake. Now we cannot use them in this way but only in order to bestow. I have to change the set of my desires in relation to others.

Question: What does it mean “a set of everyday dishes” that we use throughout the year and “a set of dishes for Passover?”

Answer: “A set of everyday dishes” is an egoistic desire to enjoy at the expense of others, and then you repress and use it.

“A set of dishes for Passover” represents, on the contrary, using altruistic desires for the good of others.

You have to replace one set with another—to use your desires in love for others, in bestowal. This is called “new vessels.” And after you use these new vessels for a week, you can begin to return to your old vessels because you already know how to correct them, i.e., to use in the correct way.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/24/14

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