I See You In The Next World

laitman_933Question: The friends may be great and feel the meaning of the concept of the center of the group and of one heart, but what should I do if I don’t feel that and don’t know how to work correctly?

Answer: This is clarified in the mutual work. You have to start seeing the friends through the center of the group, united as one. They may not know that they are and may not understand it, but you will see that they are actually already in spiritual connection.

You have to see their advanced states, and it depends on your desire to see them as such. I, for example, want to see how successful you all are since you are like my own children, and so I see that. But it is because of the concern and the desire that you should attain it that I see your future form.

Seeing the friends as successful means seeing them united and revealing the Creator in order to delight Him, which means seeing them in spiritual states.

We should see all of reality as one system. The corporeal world and the spiritual world don’t exist separately; they are a unified whole. It all depends only on the eyes of the beholder.

The Creator is revealed among the friends, which means that there is a force of mutual bestowal operating among them, that’s all. The Creator is revealed only in the right connection between us. This is called the Creator. It is in this connection that we turn to that force.

He isn’t found anywhere else. We mustn’t picture or imagine that He is in another reality, but only among us. The Creator has no form. There is a certain inconceivable identity that is revealed if we provide Him with the system to be revealed in. If all the components are properly connected, we discover Him.

It is as if there is a magnetic or an electrostatic field and if we build a system to detect that field, the system will begin to work: the lights will turn on, and the wheels will spin. After all, we have properly assembled the machine and now it perceives the force of the field that is around it, the black energy.

We live in the world of this energy that is revealed in it in different lower forms, such as the force of gravity and other physical forces, but we want to discover the primary force in which the upper thought and the desire are concealed and not the outcomes, not the particular fields.

These fields are revealed in matter, since matter is already arranged that way. This is the reason that we study matter. On the corporeal level we discover these outcomes on the surface of the earth and in the universe, but when we ascend to a different level of the connection of matter we discover a different field. It is called the “dweller (Shochen) who dwells in the Shechina.”
From from 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/20/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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