Coming Out Of The Dark Basement Into The Light

laitman_424_02The connection between the upper and lower systems of creation is according to the equivalence of form between them.

A child who is born in this world, for example, is the same child after a year only on a larger scale: in his mind, feelings, and his understanding—everything.

It is the same on the spiritual levels, on all 125 of them, since the lower level is connected to a higher level. A person always aspires to be on an higher level; this is what growing means.

The details on every level of a certain connection are the same, just like on the previous levels, but the connection becomes increasingly more altruistic. This is the only thing that changes. Therefore, our world is absolutely similar to the spiritual world, but their relationship is not similar, but inverse.

Our world is below the first level, like a cellar. Suppose that there is an elevator in a 125-story building that goes down to that floor below the first floor—which is the floor on which we live. However, the ascent from that floor is by a special key that is inserted into the elevator, and raises us.

In order to ascend from the very dark basement floor to the first floor, there is a need for an inversion because the elite live on the first floor and we aren’t allowed there. We must change completely in order to integrate in the new society. We need the most serious preparation in overcoming, correcting, and preparing ourselves.

All the next levels are merely in a relative ascent compared to each other, which means that the current level is a bit more qualitative than the previous one, and the next level is even more qualitative, and so on. We already know in which direction we must develop, performing increasingly more sophisticated actions with regard to others, by deeply understanding and cooperating with one another.

Question: Does this mean that we are working in the basement now and that our goal is to come out?

Answer: That’s right, and how can you guess what is happening above? There is thundering music there,  a dance, and the souls are celebrating—the souls and not the bodies! Here, the bodies are busy with wars, conflicts, and mutual hatred.

We cannot even imagine that when the elevator raises us we will see a fantastic, whole, and eternal world that is in perfect harmony and total connection and continuous exciting motion that fills and reveals the unity of creation.

Question: How do we feel that if we are siting in the basement? After all, are you saying that you still can hear the laughter and the music that comes from the upper floor?

Answer: It is with the help of the group and the teacher who can guide us like a tour guide. If we listen to him and try to establish such relationships in the group, we suddenly will begin to discover this music in our attempts, the special filling in the new sense, and the exit from self, a certain elevation to new dimensions.

The teacher must hint at that, and we must try to do everything that he says, no matter what attempts we make, no matter if we are disappointed by the outcomes. We only must lower our heads when facing the waves that come along. They must pass above you, and you will still reach your goal.

Thus, a critical mass of impressions that are not from this world is accumulated inside us. Even if they are not very accurate but rather foggy and created as a result of internal emotional hints, a person begins to get closer and closer to the first floor since an illumination operates on him from there. He hears music and senses the scents.

The elevator rises slowly and although a person is still in the dark, he feels from a distance that there is something out there, and that something is revealing in an increasingly clearer form and soon will be revealed.

The gap, between what he feels in his assumptions and the place where he is, grows bigger and bigger. His feeling that he is in the dark increases, and he is not enthusiastic about getting closer to the spiritual floor, but rather, he sinks into a great depression. This is the problem! It isn’t a physical ascent, but an opposite ascent.

Therefore, the general connection among us in the group together with the teacher, with studying according to a strict schedule, raises people. It is only that! Neither the mind nor a special feeling will lead to anything, but only blind stubbornness to reach the goal. We must hold to this by our teeth and keep on doing whatever needs to be done. Therefore, it is accessible to everyone.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/18/13

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