Under The Protection Of Wings

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Bible, “Psalms,” 61: Hearken, O God, to my request, listen to my prayer. From the end of the earth will I call out to You when my heart becomes faint; on the rock that is higher than I, You lead me. For You were a shelter for me, a tower of strength in the face of the enemy. I shall dwell in Your tent to eternity; I will take shelter in the covert of Your wings forever. For You, God, have hearkened to my vows; You have given the heritage of those who fear Your name. Add days to the days of the king, his years  as every generation…

In these lines, we can see that a person must go through a great deal until he discovers that, on one hand, the Creator is concealed from him, and then He is revealed. On the other hand, He protects him under His wings, under His shield, practically guarding a person, accompanying him and helping him.

It is difficult for a person to connect these two forms of the upper Providence. On one hand, everything comes from the Creator. On the other hand, he must ask the Creator to fix everything, to cover him, to protect him, and to help him, to guard him from the adversaries and the enemies that the upper force Himself arranges and sends a person!

A person is confused and doesn’t know how to integrate all the states together, unless he determines his attitude toward the upper Providence that he perceives in two lines so that he will be able to stabilize himself on the middle line.

When he acquires the two lines and stabilizes them into the middle line, he reaches an understanding and mutual work with the Creator as he feels and understands His friendship, guidance and teaching, which bring him to adhesion.

However, until then, in every generation—which means in every phase along the way—there are states that greatly confuse a person. They show him how many more corrections his vessels require so that they will reveal the uniqueness of the upper Providence on the part of evil that seems that way with regard to his uncorrected attributes and on the part of goodness—which means all the corrected attributes that help him differentiate between the two lines and establish himself by them.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/14

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