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Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Michael Khazin, economist): “Modern society is characterized by an extreme contradiction: its control system is based on the feudal principle (a rigid vertical), but the elite is built by tribal lines. One can enter the tribal elite only by blood, that is, through marriage.

“As a result, various problems arise. They used to be solved by increasing the number of wealthy people – the financial elite. Due to the stimulation of lending, the number of wealthy people has increased ten times, compared to the amount that the economy can sustain.

“That calmed talented and energetic people. Their real role is to serve the elite. Their emergence was a mechanism to reduce social and management tensions.

“This situation has ended. But what can be done with the active, but not yet rich? After all, if in the last decade the share of total income, which the financial sector redistributes in its favor, increased by five times, and as the crisis developed, the economy of the developed countries drops by half, then the financial sector will be reduced by ten times.

“They can undermine the modern state and its elite, at least under the pretext that the elite have allowed the crisis, with which they do not know what to do.

“The servants that were nurtured by the elite are becoming its worst enemy.

“The conflict between the elite and those whom it nurtured will become the basis for the destruction of Western society and liberal ideology. A traditional society can become an alternative to the nouveau riche.”

My Comment: There cannot be any alternative; there is no place for guesswork; there is just a single solution: restructuring society itself towards truly liberal values, through the method of integral education and the wisdom of connection.

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