It Is Not Easy To Be Born

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we help each other keep the happiness and gratitude towards the Creator during these difficult states that are discovered during the exodus from Egypt?

Answer: Certainly we discover difficult states. Lately, I have been getting complaints and claims from many groups. Lots of different people are writing about this; problems have intensified in the groups and friends are getting into arguments; they cannot even look at each other. Someone stops coming, someone completely leaves.

There are groups that have suddenly divided into several groups. Someone gets an idea to organize his own group and he takes some friends and disconnects from the rest. A lot of different problems are revealing. But we must understand that they are all contributing to progress on the way. These are breakdowns that one cannot do without. So I relate to them all very calmly.

If you see the lessons and somehow try to apply what is said practically, then you will advance. And if you don’t agree or hear and are not ready to realize it, then I cannot do anything. I am very limited in my work.

But you need to know that all these serious difficulties were created just before the approach of the exodus from Egypt. This means that we are under the control of our ego and it could be that we are already approaching the 49 gates of impurity.

Each and every level has its own 49 gates of impurity. Every level begins and ends with them. It is said, “Whoever is greater than his friend, his desires are greater.” And on the higher levels, much greater signs of the 49 gates of impurity develop than were in Egypt. But for us they are perceived as serious problems.

It is understood that the pressures on a child are much smaller than on an adult. But for a child these problems seem important and intolerable. So I warn the groups that feel crushed, that now is the best time to connect and come together. It could be that thanks to this, you will be able to make a leap that is called spiritual birth, the exodus from Egypt. This is possible precisely from states where you cannot get any agreement.

It is worthwhile to gather all of this sediment, all of these problems, all of the shattering, and to try to connect. Then new situations will be discovered where we cannot tolerate each other. And we again try to connect. And so within a short period, within a few hours, you will be able to reach spiritual birth.

But pay attention, until this has happened, the states will be intolerable and there will be a need to connect above the hatred, above the rejection, above the distances and above all kinds of calculations. This is not very easy or pleasant, but there is nothing else to do.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/13/14, The Zohar

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