Isolation Is Failure

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Nikolai Kashcheev, Senior Director, Head of Corporate Department, Promsvyazbank, Russia): “The world today is at a breaking point, not in favor of the systems that continue to live under the laws of tradition. Directions, trends change. Now, progress is achieved only by joint efforts of people from all over the world.

“The fruits of that progress are successfully used only because technology and knowledge flow from one laboratory to another, from one country to another. These trends continue to work on the creation of the horizontal global economy.

“For this to effectively pass from the system of defense or scientific laboratories into our daily life, the following is needed: a) the capitalist system, based on profit and b) globalization, when efforts can be concentrated, while being distributed.

“This works in finance through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. By being closed, we will fail, which has already happened today to several obsolete economies that may serve as a warning.

My Comment: The main thing is to understand that only unity can lead us to the next stage of development. And unity should be not capitalistic, but altruistic. But this understanding will gradually come.

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