In Spiritual Work There Is No Place For Instincts

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we keep people in a group?

Answer: I understand that we are going through situations that are difficult, but it is always necessary to burn with the importance of the goal in the group.

This is because we don’t have anything except for the importance of the goal that takes a person out of this world, gives him a feeling of eternity and infinity, helps him to overcome the limitations of death and to truly discover all of nature and the entire system of creation. Without a doubt this takes years, but it is necessary to give a person the importance of what he is involved with and what he should be involved with.

Certainly he will do everything through the egoistic force because connection with others is against his nature. This condition is placed before him and it must be overcome because the importance of the goal must be above all these problems.

For example, we live in this world against our will and we don’t have another way out, even though we often are not happy. But even if troubles are ahead and the world doesn’t serve anything good for us, in any case, on the beastly level an instinctive attraction to existence works in us and protects us.

And within, we need to struggle in order to add a qualitative existence to this beastly existence, meaning a connection with a higher perfect and eternal level, which is the upper world. But we need to develop this within by ourselves, because this is not instinctively implanted in us.

Indeed we struggle with existence on a physical level in our world also, even though if we look objectively, there is no meaning to it. A person is born and over some time, after much effort, suffering, problems, troubles, and illnesses, he dies.

What is he living for? It follows that it is in order to suffer. How many happy moments does he have in life that he can say it was worthwhile living for? Instinct forces him to live a miserable life, while in spiritual work, there is no place for instincts. Therefore, we need to struggle to add an additional part to physical life that will make it truly worthwhile to live.

It is necessary to earn this, for we live in order to add an absolute, perfect, and eternal existence to our beastly existence. But it is necessary to invest in this! And then our physical life will also be justified.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/24/14, Questions and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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