Connection For The Sake Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanOne must not think that our connection only makes it possible to pass the time pleasantly, or even think that this is an unnecessary burden.

We know that the first one was created by a vessel filled with one Light. However, in such a form, the creature (1) doesn’t feel what fills it (2) it feels itself and its life, but not the source of life, meaning it exists only on the level of the still.

Connection For The Sake Of Life

So that the creature will reach a state where it perceives the higher power that created it and become like it, eternal and whole, it needs to receive the same characteristic, the same nature as the higher power.

How is it possible to do this? The higher power is absolute bestowal, and the lower power, the creature, is the power of reception. It follows that it is necessary to raise the creature that is only made up of a desire to receive, “created as something from nothing” and who doesn’t think about anything besides being filled, to the level of the higher power, the nature of the Creator.

So the creature was shattered into a multitude of fragments, let’s say seven billion people, as much as there are in all of humanity. And they are all distant and separated from each other due to the egoistic power found in them. This ego is opposite to the power of Light, meaning that it is equal to the minus of the power. Rejection between us is the opposite of the Creator. So if all of us connect together, the Creator is discovered in our characteristics that have transformed to become like Him.

So the Creator (Bore) is called, “come and see” (Bo Re), meaning, come to such a state within which you will see Him in your corrected feelings and characteristics.

So we were born after the shattering of the soul, which is explained as the transgression of the first man with the Tree of Knowledge. And all of our correction is through the transformation of hatred to love. Hatred is our power of separation (Delta). If we turn it into the opposite emotion, we discover that we are on the level of the Creator.

This is an eternal and perfect level that we must attain, and we reach this only through actual connection.
From the Convention In France “One For All And All For One,” Day One 5/9/14, Lesson 1

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