Think, Decide, And Perform

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the manner of work for attaining unity?

Answer: First of all it’s necessary to think seriously. Try not to think with your head but with a greater and higher head, meaning, listen to what the Kabbalists recommend. After that, try as much as possible independently of the ego to decide how we will carry this out so that pride in our task, or in other words, the importance of the goal, will be greater than love for oneself.

After that, when we accept a decision like this calmly, as if nothing depends upon us, and understand which actions must be carried out, we organize a plan, and after that we pass to the next stage: How do we carry out this plan? The practical implementation stage doesn’t need to change the decision of the previous stage, meaning the plan for the necessary actions. Rather it’s only necessary to realize it and accordingly see if we are involved with spiritual work or not.

I don’t know how and why this wonderful mission to make these corrections has fallen upon us, being that we are all weak and lazy. Either we accept the mission, go forward with it, and carry it out, or we don’t. So there is nothing to complain about and don’t come with accusations that three or five years or more have gone by and there are no results. We were given this work and we need to carry it out. And alone I am prepared only to clarify the method in detail, and this is what I am doing.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/18/14

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