For Whom Do I Go Out To The People?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The higher Partzuf is concerned for the lower. How do we create and develop within us that concern for people’s needs?

Answer: Where does the deficiency come from to be integrated with the desires of the people? We would want to remain by ourselves, detached from everyone. We have a link with God through the study and we don’t have any inclination to be linked with someone else. And that is how we could continue forever. Solely and only on condition that we want to give contentment to the highest, do we descend to a lower level. This is the right motivation.

And then we begin to feel the lower because we acquire the right deficiency from him. Everything depends on which purpose and goal we have for descending to the lowest.

  • Either we descend in order to give contentment to the lower.
  • Or we do this for our own good, in order to manage him, to get respect and thanks from him.
  • Or we do it for the sake of the higher.

There are only three possibilities for what stage we act: it is either for the sake of the lower, for our own sake, or for the sake of the higher. And this must be solved. Through the society, dissemination, and attraction of the Surrounding Light, we can truly begin to think about the welfare of the higher. Accordingly our relationship with Him and His revelation appears.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/20/14, The Zohar

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