The Second Coming Of LSD

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Russian Bazaar): “Almost a hundred people in the US became victims of unauthorized LSD: some crashed cars into concrete walls, others jumped from windows of high-rise buildings, the third interrupted lessons in schools and colleges with inappropriate behavior etc.

“The press quickly spread the news about the poisoning. A new wave of popularity of LSD among young people can turn into huge costs in healthcare and can radically change tactics in fighting against illegal drugs.

“Fifty years ago, a hallucinogenic drug became an integral part of youth subculture. Unlike cocaine, heroin and marijuana, it transported a person into a completely different reality. People claimed that they allegedly began to see with the eyes closed, read minds, predict the future and even change the past, etc.

“There was a time when some scientists did not condemn, but welcomed the use of LSD as a ‘means of expansion of consciousness.’ It was only towards the end of the 70s that this drug craze began to subside.

“The drug industry experiences a crisis. Marijuana today is allowed in 20 states and does not cause much interest on the part of young people. The internal state of the youth in the 80s matched cocaine; those who lived in the depressed and rebellious 90s loved heroin; the generation of the 2000s did not make their choice of drugs, and those who live now want to find something that will completely change their outlook.

“The interest in LSD is obvious. Today, even the most successful teens are depressed because of oversaturation of the market with goods and services. They do not aspire to anything, but deep down they want to find something that will entice them.

“Unlike marijuana, heroin and cocaine, the production and transportation of LSD does not cause great difficulties – it is liquid, which in microscopic doses is dropped on a piece of paper. Therefore, to carry across the border 100,000 ” stamps ” is much easier than 100,000 tablets, cigarettes or dose of powder.

“Cartels will flood the U.S. market with LSD in the second half of 2014; they have already started a marketing campaign. Most likely, the LSD will move among the higher strata of society.

“LSD will not compete with marijuana or heroin; LSD takes its market segment. Cartels are already resigned to the fact that marijuana will soon be legalized in the USA, and potent products of pharmaceutical companies will replace heroin and cocaine.”

My Comment: People experience a burning desire to find meaning, passion, and purpose. Drugs give a false sense of “flight,” soothe, and distract. But as an infatuation with them took place in the past, it will pass this time as well, because our nature, egoism, is constantly evolving and requires a more precise answer to the question about the meaning of existence, the revelation of its true purpose: the transition to the level of eternity and perfection.

Our dissemination will help us go through this period faster and occupy humanity with the true task: the transition to the next level of existence.

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