Spiritual Barbeque

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar”: All these worlds and everything in them are included in the holy name HaVaYaH, Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey, and the tip of the Yod. We have no perception in the first world, Adam Kadmon. Hence, it is only implied in the tip of the Yod of the name. This is why we do not speak of it and always mention only the four worlds ABYA. Yod is the world of Atzilut, Hey – the world of Beria, Vav – the world of Yetzira, and the bottom Hey – the world of Assiya.

Question: Why are we using different words for the same things?

Answer: Let’s assume I’m expecting guests and I go to a market to buy meat for a barbeque. There are twenty different sorts of meat, different cuts of meat from various animals. All of them are just meat, but various kinds of meat are named differently since each of them has a taste of its own.

The same applies to spirituality where everything has its own “flavor” – ten Sefirot of their own with a screen and the Light that fulfills them; each of them is a separate reality.

The same applies to the different names of the same entity. You are not familiar with them at this time and that’s why you are confused and perplexed. You haven’t yet tasted them or felt their “edges,” nuances, shades, or forms in this world.

Without having the slightest impression of spiritual details, you see different names just as duplications. But as soon as you taste the “spiritual barbeque” comprised of numerous kinds of the Light, you will discover their “flavors” and will recognize their names; you will understand why they are called this way and not another.

In this world, we describe flavors using words that are a part of our language: let’s say chips flavored with paprika or onion. In spirituality, you will see the essence of each name and realize why this particular flavor is called “onion” (batzal – בָּצָל). The word stands for “in the shadow” (be-tzel – בְּצֵל) – a certain type of concealment or revelation. When one starts distinguishing the essence of names, one won’t have to memorize them by heart. They will turn into spiritual vessels that are obvious in one’s sensations.

Now you don’t feel any taste. Like a sick person who has no appetite, everything seems bland. Different dishes can be prepared for him, but he eats without distinguishing any flavors and only does so because his doctor demands him to.

Here, as we approach spirituality we are “sick,” but we have “eat” in order to get well. Later, when we recover and become healthy we’ll find huge differences and wonderful tastes in food that seem so tasteless to us today.

So there is a process, “tasting” a new level, you yourself define its name, the names of the Lights that fill it and the vessels. Where do we get them? From our sensations. If we compare the names that we assigned to various objects and phenomena with the original sources, we’ll see that they coincide. It means that we don’t have to read a description of a phenomenon in books; everything emerges from within.

It is said that Adam gave names to everything in this world. After all, he was the first one to reveal the spiritual world and attain spiritual roots of everything, the source of all their properties and hence their names.

Attainment” of something means that we penetrate to the very root of creation as if we attain Infinity, from which an object of our material world derives. And then you have no problem with names. After all, they stem from the Lights and vessels, and you yourself will determine their names.

The power of ten Sefirot with a screen and the inner Light forms the name of a Partzuf, the amount included in each set of forces. That’s why we label a Partzuf not as we usually name a newly born child according to our choice, but rather in accordance with the internal structure of the object. We can’t just give it a different name. This also applies to each of us; when we change, our names also change.

Consequently, a vessel, the Light that opposes a vessel, and a screen that connects them together allow us to perceive the entire reality without referring to any books. We don’t just name the details. Their names are a revelation, the spiritual attainment of a person.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/28/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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