Tasting All The Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are desires, actions, and there is a force that created and is affecting us (“the Acting One”). We are its consequence, much like our properties and the feelings we experience in the properties created and filled by this force.

We aren’t even the product that would feel the force and its influence directly, in all the four stages of attainment. We are still very far from such full revelation. But we are never able to step beyond the boundary of sensation since we are desire that can know only that which unfolds within it.

This is why we can’t know the essence of things, not only in the spiritual, but even in the corporeal world, be it electricity, bread, water, the upper Partzuf, or the spiritual Light. All of them are merely the sensations I experience within my desire. It is a derivative of some impact that evokes and fulfills my desire: I feel the result of a certain act performed by some force in some properties.

That means that I, too, am a certain consequence, a certain combination of forces I know nothing about. All that has existed before and created me is unknown to me. I only know that I already exist and somehow experience myself as some mineral body that occupies space in the universe.

Nonetheless, all of them are merely my experience of myself, according to the properties assigned to me by the Creator. But whom am I truly? Could it be that I have some other form except the one that I am seeing right now? I don’t know and will never know that. I am the desire to enjoy, which perceives itself in this manner, and I attain only the matter and the form that this matter acquires by experiencing it as pleasure or pain.

As to the abstract form and essence, we do not attain them and don’t suffer in this regard since it doesn’t manifest in the matter. We don’t know the essence of the most familiar things around us. What is bread or sugar? We know only how they taste. I swallow the force that looks as a piece of bread to me and occupies a certain volume presented to me as such in my sensations. This force fills some empty area within me, and I think it is real matter since matter is a desire which receives fulfillment.

In a similar way, later on, we reveal the spiritual reality, its specific “tastes” by giving them names. We attain the Creator by His actions and start tasting the flavors of the Sefirot and Partzufim: Zeir Anpin has one flavor while Malchut another. And so, gradually, we attain all of the flavors, until we get to know the taste of how wonderful the Creator is. To know the taste of the Infinite Light means to receive it for the sake of bestowal, enjoy the adhesion with it, fulfillment, and love.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/6/2011, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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