So That The Group Will Become Dear

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We need to nullify ourselves towards the friends. Is there anything that we don’t need to cancel?

Answer: We need to nullify ourselves towards everything, except for those urges and awakenings that direct us towards the center of the group and the Creator.

In other words, there is nothing I don’t need to nullify myself to. So what is in me?! You want to ask: “Is there some beneficial ego in me that I cannot contact and live in agreement with it?” No.

Question: When they asked you: “What is there to do, if someone isn’t liked by the group?” You answered: “It is necessary to change internally and externally.” What did you mean?

Answer: We need to attain such a state where we like everything and in spite of everything that happens we love our friends anyway.

You must change yourself. Indeed you love your children even though they have many negative characteristics. Why? It is because they are yours. So the group must also become yours.

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