The Spiritual Source Of The Morning Lesson

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the spiritual source of the daily Kabbalah lesson that is held from three until six in the morning?

Answer: It is in order to get up with the thought about the Creator and immediately create a connection with Him because He further determines all of your workday during which you need to maintain the same connection that you built in the morning lesson for all of the realities of this life.

Question: Why do we begin to study specifically at three o’clock and not at 2:40 or some other time?

Answer: In principle it is necessary to begin to study at midnight, but midnight is not 12 o’clock at night as we usually think it is. It is necessary to divide the night into two halves, and this is also a time that varies. So it is necessary to begin studying at midnight.

Question: Why don’t we use the lesson form that was organized as customary in the time of Abraham? He would invite people to a table, give them food and drink, and give a lesson.

Answer: It is said that he had a tent and he would call everyone there. The tent stood along the road and merchants would pass by, all sorts of passing traders, and they would come to him to rest and drink tea. At the same time, he would tell them about his teaching.

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