Science Confirms Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Sergey V. Kovalyov, PhD, psychologist, Head of the Institute of Innovative Psychotechnologies and Centre for Practical Psychotherapy): “We can survive only if we radically change our outlook. Certain hubs of force should develop within us, the mental force that will set a different picture of the world: optimistic, joyful, unselfish, moral, and spiritual. …

“When Harvard researchers conducted a study about why we have such a low life expectancy, they were surprised to discover that we are dying not because we drink and smoke. It turned out that we are dying of boredom and lack of meaning in life.”

My Comment: Thus, scientists’ opinions gradually approach the opinion of Kabbalah. Yet we should not wait for when they open their eyes themselves, but we need to implement the method of integral education and work with scientists as well.

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