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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I help the group to become a raspberry ball?

Answer: You need to be concerned about this as a person upon whom everything depends. And this is indeed the case. Our problem is that we think: “I am one among many thousands!” This is not true, each one is unique! These are not just words but the property of the integral system.

Therefore we cannot force a person to remain in the group and also cannot expel him from it. Each one chooses this through his actions, through his relationship to the group, for he becomes a foundation for human advancement.

Everyone must have a feeling of responsibility, a feeling of personal destiny; not only does the fate of the world depend on me, but that of the whole creation, of all advancement towards the Creator. And this is truly so. When we attain spirituality, we begin to understand that everyone except for me is in a completely corrected state, and I am the only one who wasn’t corrected, and everything acts in such a manner as to show me this in their reflection.

What we see in the world is our reflection: Someone kills someone, someone steals, abuses someone, this is all our ego that is demonstrating itself to us. How can I be relaxed and remove myself from this state?

To feel responsibility for the whole world, this is our obligation. Each one of us, this is the universe! Today the physicists already speak about multiple universes, and this is truly so: Many universes are included one within the other.

Therefore feeling our task is something very important for we are the main participants in creation. On the other hand, we must not panic. Our work is realized correctly only through the group, and nobody is exempt from this. It’s interesting that even those that we attract among the masses will feel this activity as their great mission.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Workshop 5

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