An Indicator Of The Internal Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Exodus” (Ki Tissa), 32:28-32:29: The sons of Levi did according to Mosesword, on that day some three thousand men fell from among the people. And Moses said: “Initiate yourselves today for the Lord for each man with his son and with his brother so that He may bestow a blessing upon you this day.”

It is said about the annulment of one’s egoistic desires that no matter how much one cherishes them, one remains with absolutely nothing. It’s also about following Moses who acts solely for the sake of bestowal. The property named “Moses” raises us above our regular reality and teaches us how to change it because everything there has to work for the sake of spirituality, bestowal, and caring for others.

We should devote our lives to others. We must constantly struggle and engage in self-analysis in order to find egoistic grains that have to be corrected. It’s immense and tireless work that grinds us like a mill, thus altering us. It’s extremely complicated to be constantly squeezed between heavy millstones that cut us alive; moreover, it’s us who should be spinning the millstones with our own hands and yet admire doing this work.

However, these exertions are necessary to tune ourselves to bestowal and love. As soon as we manage to correctly self-adjust to bestowal and love, it turns out to be the uppermost pleasure, whereas when we deviate even a little bit, it turns into a terrible affliction. By detaching from ourselves, we begin sensing the upper state; if we fail, we immediately fall back to our egoism.

By all means, having a clear indicator of a spiritual work is extremely beneficial, but it’s not an easy thing to achieve because our sensations, perception, and ability to analyze our past, present, and future levels are “glossed over.” We constantly live in a state of blurred vision: “Where are we? Are we in the property ‘for our own sake’ or in the state ‘for the sake of others’?” We continually make internal clarifications.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/11/13

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