“The Decay Of American Political Institutions”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Francis Fukuyama, American political scientist, political economist and author): “Many political institutions in the United States are decaying. This is not the same thing as the broader phenomenon of societal or civilization decline, which has become a highly politicized topic in the discourse about America. This is the result of intellectual rigidity and the growing power of entrenched political actors that prevent reform and rebalancing. …

“Institutional reform is, however, an extremely difficult thing to bring about, and there is no guarantee that it can be accomplished without a major disruption of the political order. So while decay is not the same as decline, neither are the two discussions unrelated. …

“Ordinary people feel that their supposedly democratic government no longer reflects their interests but instead caters to those of a variety of shadowy elites….

“Ordinary Americans express widespread disdain for the impact of interest groups and money on Congress. The perception that the democratic process has been corrupted or hijacked is not an exclusive concern of either end of the political spectrum. Both Tea Party Republicans on the Right and liberal Democrats on the Left believe that interest groups whose views they happen not to like exercise undue political influence and feather their own nests. As it turns out, both are correct. As a result, trust in Congress has fallen to historically low levels, now barely above single digits.”

My Comment: There will be full integration of the elite and those in power that will maintain the state and control the people as they find necessary, as long as the people allow them. The lower classes will become interested in integral education for transformation of society. Perhaps, this will pass upward, similarly as religions seized the elite through slaves and the masses. Or there will be a threat of civil or world war. In any case, it is either the method of integral education or suffering.

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