We Can’t Sit Still!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I think that until there is a critical mass of people who have revealed the Creator, others like me will remain sitting quietly, and after that we will live and exist with them in a wonderful way.

Answer: I understand you perfectly, but we are living according to a particular program and we are not allowed to escape from it! We are found under the control of nature and don’t know what will happen tomorrow or in another minute.

Look at all of human history, at the whole world. Who can manage it? No one, starting the greatest and most powerful people and ending with the smallest people. There is a clear axis of development for every person and for all of humanity. We are managed. In creation there are two forces: One force pushes us from behind through suffering and the other force pulls us forward through pleasure. They control each one of us completely, as if we were small insects.

In order to rise above the physical (animal) developmental axis, we were given free choice. Through our elevation, we can change material life, because we will be equal to the Creator to some degree. We can look at the entire perspective; there will be two forces in our hands. And without them we would be subject to the upper management. Unfortunately, this understanding is turned off in us and so we behave like little children.

But today we have already become wiser, and we see that the world has transformed to be more and more unmanageable and chaotic; everything slips through our fingers. We need to do something about this. We cannot sit still!
From the 1st lesson of the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day One 11/01/13

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