A Convention On Another Planet

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today the united Americas integral convention begins. There will be more than 500 new students participating, students of the Education Center who will be joining different groups from North America to South America. For many it will be their first encounter with the right environment; how should we receive them correctly?

Answer: We must rise above the differences of this world; ignore them. We have a spiritual point that we should reach, it is exactly what we need to depend on it, so let’s take a leap above this world, leave and forget all our daily activities and accounts and all the differences between us for the next couple of days. Let’s not talk or think about corporeality at all, as if we have reached another planet where the convention takes place.

We should detach ourselves from everything that is unnecessary and leave all the accounts behind. I don’t intend to clarify what is happening in my ordinary corporeal life during the convention, and not even about what happens in my daily spiritual life. It is as if I move to another interface, erasing everything there was and entering a new inter-planetary atmosphere. This is the only place I want to be in for the next three days or at least during the time of the convention.

I connect to it as if there is no tomorrow. The past until yesterday is erased. Otherwise I will constantly be confused between myself and others, between yesterday and today, and I will not understand anything.

We have to establish the next new level of existence that is totally new and which has nothing to do with what we had before, not personally and not group wise. The history of the relationship of the people who were once with us and have left, etc., is irrelevant; we don’t want to remember anything. Now we see everyone on a spiritual level only and that’s it.

Different languages and different cultures don’t matter. The people who have gathered here have only one burning desire, to connect in order to reveal the Creator. That’s all. I don’t want to know anything else about them, it is because the desire and the urge to connect with others and to reveal the Creator is a desire that has nothing to do with any differences on the level of this world. We simply need to detach ourselves and to reach something new, new relations that exist on the new planet. The old world remains far behind and disappears; we are in a new place, in new emotions and thoughts, only looking forward, disconnecting from everything there was yesterday. There is no yesterday. We are all totally detached from everything.

It says that a person should see himself as new every day, so let’s do it at least once.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/15/13, A Talk About the American Convention

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