The Danger Of Slander – Laitman Unplugged

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  1. Dear Rav and Haverim,

    Surely if there is some slandering going one, it is the clear sign that you are, in the real world, doing good to some lost donkeys. There is no other explanation. Their evil, as one, is being revealed. Shame for good. For now winter rules apply on their soul, cold has frozen everything about it and fire can now rage on their skin. As it is known, when one does real good to another, if instead of multiplying this good this other chooses to accept it for his own sake, then he goes against his roots. As Bal HaSulam writes in Matan Torah.

    Lets hope and pray they will recover their senses. As this “they” is “we”. The only way to resist the virus of slandering is to do as you did with my miserable case: oppose an unmovable, permanent, unbreakable wall of love. One who feels miserable needs to be cherished until shame is finally born in him. Sour truth.

    There is no other word then “kabalah” to describe the amazing godly, work that is extended on the world by the BB friends. We should enjoy it and rejoice.

    L’Haim LBB.

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