Short Wave Communication

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam: Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Item 8: For example, when two people love each other, you say that they are attached to one another as one body. And when they hate each other, you say that they are as far from one another as the east from the west. But there is no question of nearness or remoteness of location here. Rather, this implies the equivalence of form: when they are equal in form, and each loves what the other loves and hates what the other hates, they love each other and are attached to one another.

And if there is some disparity of form between them and one of them likes something that the other hates, then to the extent that they differ in form, they become distant and hateful of one another. And if, for example, they are opposite in form, and everything that one likes, the other hates, and everything the other hates is liked by the first, they are deemed as remote as the east from the west, meaning from one end to the other.

Question: What kind of love and hate are referred to here?

Answer: It is typical of mutual relations between different people: with a friend, with one’s wife, etc. The more you resemble one another in your desires and thoughts, or the more different you become, to that extent you love or hate one another.

But a person’s intention here is not to reveal the innate physiological feelings and not about the simple natural connection that is based on interests, habits, and understandings. No, we are speaking about two people who work together in order to prepare the “place” for the revelation of the Creator in their connection.

We build this “place” by our general, mutual intentions. Because our desires and thoughts are different and people are different, everyone is set at his “frequency.”

In the past, long waves were used for communication. Then greater accuracy was required, greater intensity, and the ability to penetrate deeper, and so we started using higher frequencies by which it is possible to transmit more information. Before all the fine details were swallowed, but now in the high frequencies it turns out that everyone can be special and we don’t need to be like one another. A creature from another planet wouldn’t notice the differences between us: everyone has arms, legs, eyes, ears, etc. But if we penetrate deeper into a person’s character, into his essence, we discover great differences. Not only is every individual unique, but also he is constantly changing.

So how can we connect to one another?

We connect according to our intentions. I intend to bestow goodness upon you with all my attributes and you intend to bestow goodness upon me with all your attributes, desires, and abilities. Then we are equal, similar, connected. We are not connected in our actual desires but in our intentions that are aimed at mutual bestowal.

I don’t force you to listen to Mozart, although I really enjoy his music, and you don’t force me to listen to Moti Mor, for example, who is your favorite singer. No, I turn off the classical music and dress in you and check what in you matches this frequency, what you like in your analog desire. Ahh, you love Moti Mor. Although I can’t even compare him to Mozart, I still begin to value him, since by that I connect to you and attain the Creator. Thus, suddenly, Moti Mor becomes important to me and I change my desire to your desire. Mozart was a source of pleasure for me on the “animal” level, while Moti Mor becomes an opportunity for me to connect with the other and to build a spiritual vessel.

It is about this that it says, “Make your will His will.” I cannot annul my attraction to Mozart, I have only “restricted” it, “covered” it with a new cover of my attraction to Moti Mor and by that have connected to you. I do the same thing with everyone, equating my desire to the other’s desire. Eventually, I acquire deficiencies from the whole world and connect with everyone.

In fact, I don’t even need to check any further in order to do that, the Light helps me and I connect to the greatness of the other, to his understanding and feeling. This is not an effort but actually easy and wonderful.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/4/13,”Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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