Planned Accidents In The Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “What is the Prohibition to Bless an Empty Table, In the work”: A person should believe that all the descents he experiences are because every descent increases a person’s need for the help of the Creator, since a need is called a vessel, since it is this vessel that the Creator fills with Light… a person should believe that the Creator knows how big the vessel should be according to one’s need and desire, and when the Creator sees that the vessel can already accept the Light, then He immediately fills it as much as He can. And a person should not be impressed by the descents, but rather say: “God’s help is immediate,” and he should believe that every descent may be enough for him to be a vessel and the Creator can immediately fill this desire…

All the interruptions are not obstacles, but actually “help against.” Every problem should immediately be seen as the Creator’s call wanting to bring a person closer to Him by it, thus evoking the feeling that He is distant.

Then you can rise above your feeling of deficiency, above the interruption, and yearn for adhesion, for bestowal. After several such cases you build up enough power in order to be filled with the Light of the revelation of the Creator.

On the other hand, if you constantly work that way, it is working on the “left line.” Since you work only above your deficiency and that is undesirable. You have to work this way only if you fall into this pit, you shouldn’t yearn only for a deficiency and look for it, but only if you have no other choice. As long as such an “accident” doesn’t happen, you have to work in the right line and constantly yearn for wholeness.

Wholeness means that you don’t feel a deficiency in anything and you are constantly in a state of Hafetz Hesed, in absolute bestowal. It is the Creator who brings about such accidents in the work for you, the feeling of deficiency in different desires.

This is our work: You always step forward with your right foot until the Creator forces you to take a step with your left foot, thus you eventually reach a whole desire. The moment you reach such a whole vessel, you will immediately discover the Light in it.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/10/13

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