Neighbors, Let’s Be Friends!

Neighbors, Let's Be FriendsQuestion: There are many nations and cultures in Europe that feel separated and divided. How can we build a European continent without any barriers?

Answer: The differences in culture and mentality are irrelevant since we rise above them. We should understand that this is the spiritual distinction that originated in ancient Babel. It is intentional.

Can you imagine what one heart and one mind means? You rise to a different level of communication where there is no need for language or for anything else—you simply feel each other since the information flows from one to another without words. You work according to a single unique plan that is above all differences. This is what we should reach.

So Europe was built that way on purpose, varied and full of contradictions, where for centuries mutual relations between all the nations and the cultures have been very complex. However, there is no need even to understand and to clarify this. The only thing we should do is simply rise above all that together! If you pay attention to the language a person uses, to his character, views, and habits, you will never reach a single opinion! This is the entire problem!

We suggest that we should unite above all the problems, above everything that exists on the ordinary, corporeal level. Then there will be no problems. This is the whole method of integral education.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/22/13, Lesson 2

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