Language Is Not An Obstacle To Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we rise above the language barriers and unite at the upcoming European Convention?

Answer: I do not think that the problem is with languages. The fact is that we do not have to talk to each other much, but we need to think about each other and try to feel each other; language is not to blame. For example, many of you have pets that cannot talk, but you feel them and they feel you. So, what kind of language can we speak here? It is sign language, body language. A language is not speech, but the transfer of emotions. So, I do not think the problem is in different languages.

The problem is that we do not think about each other because we do not feel the importance of this. We have not realized, yet, the need for each other for spiritual attainment and do not feel dependent on each other in the spiritual ascent.

There are hundreds of my friends in front of me. If I understood that just by approaching them an inch, I rise up an inch. If I felt this clearly inside of me, I definitely would try to do that and think about how to be closer to them. However, since I do not have this confidence—the feeling that moving upward means moving toward them, and not even upward, but just inside the group, in its consolidation, unity—then I do not do that. I still do not understand that it is precisely internal compression between us that will create that pressure in which the Light will kindle.
From the Virtual Lesson 3/17/13

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