A Promising Congress

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Taking into account the role of Germany in the European Union, what is the correct role of the German group in the European Kli (vessel)?

Answer: There are several groups in Europe, although there could have been many more and more strong groups, but what can you do? This is what we have today. We must try to bring all these groups into a single entity so that they will help each other in dissemination, studies, and mutual support. If they study all together at the same time—desirably, together with us—then a connection will develop between them.

I hope very much that they will understand this. It is not in vain that Europe was selected as an upper management in the capacity of that part of world civilization on which so much depends, and thus, we need to understand that much can depend on our European groups—in particular, on the German group that is organizing the upcoming convention—and can set an example for all the other groups as the center of Europe.

I very much hope that, through this convention, we give a serious beginning to a united European group.
From the Virtual Lesson 3/17/13

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